Colorado Rockies Ultra, Beast, and Sprint Weekend


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Breckenridge Ski Resort Breckenridge, CO USA



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If you’re looking to unleash your inner beast and go to places you never imaged, the Spartan Beast is perfect for you. With 12-14 miles and 30-35 obstacles between you and the finish line, the Spartan Beast will test everything you’re made of: your strength, your endurance, your resolve. The unpredictable terrain and Spartan Obstacles are masterfully designed to push you deep into your discomfort zone, and well past those self-imposed obstacles you once considered your limits. Beast mode: on.

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The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but it’s still a favorite among both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles, you'll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.

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Hurricane Heat


Hurricane Heat (or HH) is a team-based event designed to push racers to greater personal distances. There are no timing chips and no bibs. There is no individual competition. Each HH is a unique experience directly related to the individuality of the venue, so distances and times vary. You will be challenged, and as a team, you will succeed.

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Kids Race


Spartan Race isn't just for adults. Our Spartan Kids Race offers two distances for the little Spartans in your life. Based on age, our Kids races have obstacles in them just like the grown up versions. Come watch your future Spartans run, jump, and play just like they're supposed to.

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Experience the immense beauty of Colorado while conquering climbs, crawls, carries and traverses -- just don’t let the scenery distract you from sticking that spear throw.

The mountain is calling! The town of Breckenridge sits at an impressive 9,600 feet above sea level, and it only goes up from there. For Spartans, that means an opportunity to test athletes of every caliber -- from the newcomer to the seasoned Pro. From the moment Spartans arrive at the venue to when they reach the highest point on the course, they will be treated to captivating views of the Continental Divide and monstrous peaks at every corner.

Current Spartan Race World Champion Jon Albon speaks highly of Breckenridge having flown from Europe specifically to race at the venue. On his blog he writes, “Breckenridge is an amazing place; surrounded by snow topped mountains, the views are spectacular and the activities to do, plentiful. We found great trails right from our hotel and could have spent hours at a time exploring -- if we felt we had the energy.”

Given not only the natural beauty of the course, but also the difficulty of increased elevation, this race draws many Spartan Pro Team members, as well as other notable names from the obstacle racing community. Prepare to be star-struck.



1. The Epic Discovery challenge course at Breck provides the perfect warm up for your race.
2. This venue has the highest starting point of any Spartan course across the globe.
3. Stay within walking distance of the venue. You might even catch a view of the course from your room at Beaver Run Resort.
4. When else will you run a course in the sunshine when there’s still snow on the ground?
5. Breckenridge is the outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Hike on the extensive trail network or rent a mountain bike and rip up the singletrack.
6. Cool off on the water - fly fish, boat, or whitewater raft while visiting Summit County.
7. The child-friendly town of Breckenridge and Kids’ Base Camp at Breckenridge Ski Resort make for a perfect family weekend.
8. Whether your post-race relaxation includes a massage or a Colorado craft beer, you can find your vice just minutes from the course.
9. Refuel and crush those cravings with delicious dining options up and down Main St.
10. Go for gold. Breckenridge shows off its roots as a historic gold mining town with several mine tours.

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